About AlFakher Flavour Hookah cy Shisha

About AlFakher Flavour Hookah Shisha , Founded in the United Arab Emirates, Al Fakher has been passionate about shisha.

AlFakher molasses are made from the finest tobaccos and are infused with exquisite European flavour infusions to create a rich, unrivalled, full smoking experience for our shisha enthusiasts

natural Flavours Narghile

“We are proud of our Middle Eastern heritage and our place in the growing shisha community around the globe. For us, smoking shisha is about taking the time to slow down and appreciate life. It is a time where cultures meet and when people from all walks of life come together. Pausing for thought and contemplation, taking the opportunity to reveal the deeper connections in life – links between problems and solutions, ties between friends and strangers, bridges between generations.”

About AlFakher Flavour Hookah Shisha and Testing your Equipment

AlFakher range of products is crafted to offer a rich, full of flavour smoking experience so it is important that you have an airtight shisha. There are a few simple steps to ensure a smooth smoke.

1. Gently push to insert the stem of your shisha with its seal into the empty glass jar.
2. Insert the end of the hose into the hose port. You might need to use a plastic seal to prevent air from leaking.
3. To check the air flow on your shisha. Put your hand over the top of your shisha stem and inhale through the hose. If there is little or no air intake your shisha is ready to enjoy!


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